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Just browsing for some wet tyres incase in rains on my trackday, and noticed there are different sizes available, such as 125/70, 195 etc, what do you guys use? I know from reading on here some people have had trouble with 190's rubbing on the swingarm?

Will you benefit from wets? Are you sure? If you have very minimal tread or slicks then I'll get my coat. But really if its raining enough to bother putting wets on i'd be on my way to the cafe!!

Wets need quite a lot of standing water to work otherwise they will quickly wear down and not disperse water even as well as a road tyre. Just saying, as its something that came up before on a different forum when someone was thinking of getting wets for the road. Is also a similar problem to the "do i put snow tyres on my car" question

I run 120/70 fronts, 180/55 rear, but unless you are going to ride through standing water as previously stated, it's probably not worth the outlay. You also need to push harder than you think to make them work properly, which will probably put you out of your comfort zone, and you might not like that. But a good set can be like riding normal road tyres in the dry, but do you want to push that hard in the wet?

Loads of people were on wets at my trackday the other week at Cadwell (almost all fast group and most of inters) and it was only a light drizzle! But the problem was, they'd all brought slicks or wets, nothing in-between.. slicks would have been deadly because my Metzler K2 Racetecs were slippery enough! Luckily the rain went away after the first session! . If you're planning on using decent road tyres, then you'll be better off with them rather than wets I'd say... kind of like an intermediate.

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